Gaming and Mining In One Computer

Gaming And Mining?

Russia can now boast a new computer which can offer gaming and mining all at the same time. This could very much be a game changer for the Cryptocurrency industry although the worry as always with mining is the power required to operate said machines and where this is coming from. However, one of the many positive assets about this hybrid is the fact that the mining is done through a GPU, which means that the amount of power required is a lot smaller than it otherwise would be. A huge selling point for the computer and the environment.

How’s It Work?

The new hybrid style computer is a dream for gamers and miners. The Russian company behind the computer – Crypto Technology – proudly showed off Cashbox X-Gaming at the end of June. The computer is now for sale and expectations are high. So much so that Crypto Technology has actually guaranteed that miners / gamers could in fact secure roughly 0.23 Ethereum every single month if they mine from their pc when it is not being used for games. The hash rate available from this hybrid is 106 MH/S (at its lowest) but it can maximise up to 181 MH/s if the correct components are added onto the machine. The starting price for the machine is $2,200 USD. There are other options available which are more expensive but it all depends on the user and their requirements. Whichever model the customer chooses, the machine is able to mine whenever it is not in use for gaming. Something which is extremely attractive for many and very cost effective too especially when a GPU is behind the mining. There are no huge power costs for the user and they can gain income from doing absolutely nothing. It is a win win situation.

The aim behind the computer in the Russian market specifically is to encourage more crypto mining to take place and to offer customers the opportunity to try it out using this hybrid. Thus enticing more crypto mining in the country as a whole. Crypto Technology is not only offering support to their customers but providing training free of charge for those less experienced in mining. So there is the definite want for an expansion of the Cryptocurrency market in Russia with those already involved actively encouraging others into the industry. There are also plans for the computers to be sold internationally so this is certainly not a short term plan from Crypto Technology.

And In Asia

However, a bit further east, the Asian market is not so confident in mining and is certainly feeling the squeeze. There has been a definite downturn in mining over recent weeks with sales on GPU hardware down too. With the larger Cryptocurrencies losing their price recently, mining is losing its attraction in Asia at the moment. There are also a number of negative stories in the press highlighting fraud and scams in the Cryptocurrency world which is not shining a very positive light on the industry. This is pretty standard in the Cryptocurrency market – it is certainly not a stable industry.

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