GOLEM: The App Is Finally Live On The Ethereum Blockchain

It’s taken 3 years for Golem Beta to go live on the Ethereum Blockchain. But that timeframe and the 14 software implementations have made sure that Golem is the perfect app for allowing your computer’s excess CPU to be available for others. Many software products are criticized when they are first released especially when the market is eagerly awaiting it. However, what clients fail to realize is the complexity of the process of constant development and testing of software to ensure it is launch ready. The whole process is lengthy to simply guarantee that it doesn’t fall over once it is released into the market. The team behind the development also needs to take care to not waste investor’s money and get the app correct before it goes on sale.

The development of this particular product also faced technical challenges that have previously not been seen. One example of is this is the difficulty of verification of different kinds of computations rather than the more simple crypto transactions. There was a great deal of groundbreaking work to go through. There were also trails and tribulations with building on Ethereum. As is well known with developers, there are problems with platforms apps and these are continuing to grow.

Although there has been frustration in how long the product has taken to be released, Golem’s crypto utility tokens were sold to keen investors who bought its GNT token within 20 minutes. This pulled in 820,000 ETH in 2016.

Golem allows computers to rent unused CPU power from other computers. As it stands right now, this is done using Blender, which exchanges the computer power for GNT. This is completed via an interface working between the two. Basically speaking, at the moment, Golem Beta is using a software client to fulfill its role. However, going forward this will certainly not be the case. This initial version has been released to test it in the live environment and to receive honest feedback from clients on development requirements. As the development team and clients work through this initial phase, updates/upgrades will be made to bring Golem to where it needs to be to work flawlessly for the market. In the future, Blender will have its own dedicated plug-in which will provide a more seamless interaction. The biggest step down the road will be the production of a version that will enable artificial intelligence “Machine Learning”.

Although this has taken several years and versions to be released, this is a well-researched and thorough app that is only at the start of its life cycle. As users test and challenge the system, upgrades will be made continuously to perfect the software. Over the coming months, the real advantages of the app will be seen and its customer base will climb.

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