GONetwork ICO: Highly Scalable, Low Cost Mobile First Network Infrastructure Designed for Ethereum


GONetwork ICO has been mainly designed to offer a platform that would bring together app economies across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. It enables the users to buy digital commodities over the Internet and from other users in a seamless manner.


Symbol: GOT
Type: ERC20
Presale Start: Not Yet Set
Available for Token Sale: 50%
Total Supply: 100,000,000 GOT
Possible ROI:400%

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Fast Ethereum Transactions

One of the methods that the state agencies use to liquidate the cost of various transactions is calculating the total number of completed off-chain transactions. Therefore, in normal top-notch workflows, the cost of the transaction would be expected to be much lower than when the trader directly runs the trading on the Ethereum Cryptocurrency.

The main objective of GONetwork is to come up with a one-of-its-kind mobile network, which will work perfectly well for the off-chain Ethereum’ ERC20. This ICO has been designed with not only an affordable and fast infrastructure, but one that is also of low latency.

The high cost of transactions has been one of the main problems that have been facing the Blockchain technology. By enabling its customers to have an off-chain transaction, GONetwork ICO solves this problem once and for all.

Although the Blockchain technology has grown to become a bit revolutionary, it currently faces certain challenges that must be fixed to allow it serve the consumer market. The technology can handle just a tiny portion of Cryptocurrency transactions, which shows that it is not effectively utilized at scale. By investing in research and coming up with a strong team, GONetwork seeks to bring a solution to this problem.

The GoToken by GoNetwork
As indicated earlier, the high cost of transaction and slow speed are the two main problems that currently face Blockchain technology. At the moment, transactions of established cryptos like Bitcoin are not only slow but very expensive. With the continuing adoption, Ethereum will definitely follow that very path.

GoNetwork ICO has stepped in to ensure that this problem is fixed before it grows big. The GoToken, the native token for GoNetwork ICO has grown to become one of the most solid virtual currencies that are on the market.

Bringing Virtual Coins to the Masses

As of today, mobile Internet browsing has outdone desktop web browsing. In ten countries, Google has grown bigger on mobile platforms than on desktop. In short, mobile has grown to become the main device used by the majority. ERC20 tokens, Ethereum and other virtual currencies need mobile interoperability and accessibility to be adopted by the masses. That is exactly what GoNetwork believes in.

Its primary aim is to use state channel technology in its system, to come up with a scalable, cheap and fast mobile first off chain transaction network to be used by Ethereum. Achieving this and taking the virtual coin to the masses will only happen when there is a pocket product that can be easily used in the commerce world.

GoNetwork ICO TeamThe Team 
GoNetwork ICO has been able to achieve a great milestone because of the strong team that drives its growth. It’s currently headed by Rashid Khan, the founder of Infinidy Corp in Canada. The CTO is a professional in the Blockchain technology and a software architect, Amit Shah. Other team members are Xun Cai, Harry Peng, Miao Jiang, Yifan Evan Zhu, Maanas Rauleta and others.


For anyone who has been tirelessly looking for a safe, decentralized, digital coin commerce platform, which would seek to leverage the entire technology, then GoNetwork ICO, is the best to consider.

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