HAI Project: Making the World a Secure Place

Creating the First Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Available for Everyone

HAI aims to provide a service that will assist people all over the world, by making hybrid artificial intelligence available to all. The way that they plan to use AI is to detect cyber viruses, online financial opportunities and to capture business data in a secure way. These applications will help businesses and individuals in 3 key ways: namely, predicting market rises and falls, ensuring all digital threats are kept at bay and assisting in crucial decision making.

Artificial Intelligence has been proven to have a significant advantage over humans, and the technology is very efficient in picking up flaws and inconsistency in infrastructure and systems. The technology has been successfully harnessed by the HAI project in order to make it accessible and easy to use for the average person.

The other major aim of the HAI Project is to give small businesses the chance to compete with bigger industries, by using the HAI technology – essentially evening out the playing field.

The ERC20 tokens will be used within the platform, creating an eco-friendly system that will do its best to ward off all cyber threats. Artificial Intelligence does not come without its challenges, but HAI has realized these and has overcome them with their technical skills and abilities.

The Token

Symbol: HAI
Type: ERC20
Token Supply: 100 million
Pre ICO: Starts 30 April (2400 HAI/ 1 ETH)
ICO Phase 1: Starts 14 May (2000 HAI/ 1 ETH)
ICO Phase 2: Starts 28 May (2000 HAI/ 1 ETH)

Website | Whitepaper

Token Distribution

HAI Project features

• Straightforward and easy to use platform
• It provides complicated hybrid artificial intelligence to the general public
• The technology assists in cybercrime detection
• The HAI Project also assists businesses to do efficient market research and find unique business opportunities in a variety of industries
• The technology used in the HAI project helps individuals and businesses in financial decision making.
• It can be bought in the popular Cryptocurrency – Ethereum

The Team

The HAI Project team is made up of an impressive array of individuals – all bringing unique skills and knowledge to the team and project. The leader of the pack, and HAI’s CEO and co-founder is a man by the name of Alfredo Aguirre. The young entrepreneur has had a successful career thus far. The other co-founder is his partner is Alejandro Flores who also acts as the CTO. The team’s lead infrastructure and hardware designer is David Covarrubius. The young team’s PR manager is the talented Keyla Garza. The team is young but full of talent and potential.

In Conclusion

HAITaking all of the abovementioned information into consideration, it’s easy to see that HAI has many uses in the online business world. While the actual services and platform may only attract quite a specific type of customer, the actual tokens may attract all types of crypto enthusiasts as it is solid from an investment perspective. We look forward to seeing what this exciting Hybrid Artificial Intelligence technology will bring us.

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