Humancoin – Set To Herald A New Era For Charity

What Is Humancoin?

The main aim of Humancoin is to bring together the recipients as well as philanthropists of funds on one Peer-to-Peer platform in a manner that is not only transparent but also very convenient.

This Blockchain platform is set to completely transform how things have been happening in the charity marketplace, but apart from that, it is also the international loyalty program for the ever-growing number of online trading partners.


Token: HUMA
Token Standard: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Price: 1 HUMA Equals 0.01
Accepted Currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
ICO Begins on: 15th September 2018
ICO Ends on: 1st November 2018

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram

Humancoin Features

Features Of The Humancoin Platform

• Humancoin consolidates three revolutionary processes to provide a lasting and viable solution for the whole charity space. These processes are the e-commerce loyalty programs, the Blockchain technology, and the Cryptocurrency market.

• This platform also seeks to bring together all the key stakeholders that include the recipients, the donors, and the e-commerce players.

• The company has also developed a good interface that will allow the stakeholders to seamlessly and quickly transfer donations to their desired destination.

• The interface would also allow them to monitor all the transactions and also have an opportunity to review some of the reports.

• Using this amazing platform would come with huge benefits. One notable one is the fact that it assists in solving issues of trust by making sure that there is sufficient traceability, security as well as transparency. It also tends to do away with the use of intermediaries in the transaction process and not forgetting the long charity chain. This would include Banks, NGOs, state organizations, and law firms.

• What is even more important is that the biggest winners are the philanthropists. This project will give them an opportunity to monitor the transactions. The recipients of the grants would also be able to use the resources in carrying out noteworthy projects once they have met the necessary conditions.

• It is also very easy to convert the Humancoin tokens to any kind of miles, tokens, coupons, and bonuses. Those who shall have acquired the tokens shall be asked to hold them for some time so that they can enjoy the advantages that they usually come with.

• As the number of participating members continues to grow, and the network expands, the popularity of the token is also expected to surge.

The Team

The Humancoin team is headed by Giles Gailer, who is the current Chief Executive Officer; and assisted by Aravinda Babu {Blockchain & Smart Contracts Expert} as well as Kate Bublik, the CMO. There are also other professionals that are helping in ensuring that the project is properly steered.


Humancoin currencyHumancoin is definitely the first Initial Coin Offering project that can grow to become an international aggregator of (e-commerce) online trading loyalty program. Because of its association with the philanthropic programs, the token has a unique benefit of creating loyalty programs that can be issued to some of the partners.

On a larger scale, this new technology will immensely contribute to the development and integration of the funding platform.

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