ImmVRse: The Future of VR Content Sharing

Virtual Reality and Beyond!

ImmVRse is a platform that is specially tailored to the needs of VR creators and those who want to find them. The platforms main goal is to act as a space where VR creators, advertisers, producers and anyone with anything to offer video creation can come together and find each other. The ImmVRse token acts as the currency in which the parties and individuals can pay each other for services rendered. The Blockchain technology is what will ensure transparency and secure all transactions that take place on the ImmVRse platform.

At the moment, ImmVRse is the only such platform that specializes in VR. And it should not be thought that VR is solely applicable to the gaming sector. It has uses in healthcare, retail, tourism, advertising and many other spheres of life.


Symbol: MV
Type: ERC20
Exchange: 1 MV = 0.20 USD
Max token supply: 300 million
Hard Cap: $20 Million USD

Website | Whitepaper


• Many different Fiat and Cryptocurrencies available to be exchanged for MV
• Blockchain technology used for the base of all payments
• Platform to connect people working with VR technology and to be paid with MV token
• Awards system in place for watching videos on ImmVRse
• Monthly Creator awards and other incentives to create a thriving online VR community



ImmVRse’s team is just what you’d expect- young, diverse and talented. At the head of the team, we have Farabi Shayor- the CEO and Co-founder. He is a well-respected, bright young man who has already had 10 years of experience in the world of crypto.



ImmVRse has some truly unique ideas that should be well received by the public and especially the VR-obsessed younger generations. The White Paper explains everything absolutely coherently and is a great source for if you’re looking to learn more.

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