John McAfee Has Left His Own Privacy Asset Project

Some might say he’s given up the $Ghost.

Technology pioneer and cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee has just announced his departure from his own privacy asset project, Ghost. 

“I am abandoning the the Ghost project,” he said in an Aug. 19 tweet. “Management is incapable of making a success of the project,” he explained, adding, “It will, without a doubt fail.” 

He elaborated:

“I tried to explain the fundamental principles of management, but they fell on deaf ears. My apologies to those that I led astray. Sorry.”

McAfee has bashed Bitcoin in recent months for its lack of privacy. The tech expert set out to make his own proof-of-stake, or PoS, privacy-focused asset, tweeting about the endeavor on April 11, 2020. Subsequent reporting in May showed the project plagiarized content from the white paper of PIVX, another anonymity-focused crypto asset. 

“Josh is an idiot,” McAfee said in the comments under his Aug. 19 tweet, likely referring to one of the project’s brass. The oft-controversial tech mogul also affirmed that he plans to remove his two-month old Ghost tattoo following the announcement of his departure.

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