KONIOS ICO: An Easy Link To The Cryptocurrency Community

A Crypto Platform like No Other

While there are many crypto platforms, exchanges and wallets out there, many of them have unforeseen problems such as high fees and complicated interfaces. KONIOS aims to solve all of these issues by providing their innovative platform.

Konios aims to bring Cryptocurrency to anyone anywhere. All users will need to access the Konios platform is an internet connection and a smartphone. Konios will act as an exchange platform that users can access by using cash.

The exchange works by using face-to-face where users need to enter 5 special security keys in order to make highly secure exchanges from the comfort of their smartphones.

The basis of the whole system is Blockchain and smart contract technology that ensures that all exchanges are safe from cybercriminals, it also ensures that fees are kept low.

The Token

Symbol: KON
ICO Duration: 60 days
Type: ERC20
Price: 1 KON= 0,01 USD
Accepted Currencies: Fiat, Ethereum, and Bitcoin
Payment methods: wallet to wallet & bank transfer
ICO Start: 1 May

Website | Whitepaper


KONIOS Features:

• Platform that is easy to use even for crypto newbies
• Konios provides an exchange that can be accessed from your smartphone
• Safe and secure because of blockchain and smart contract technology
• Low Fees
• Rewards system for active users
• Face to face exchange platform

The Team

The fantastic team in place at KONIOS is led by Patric Krasnik ( CEO and co-founder) and Mikel Krasniqi (CTO and co-founder). The team is supported by an array of talented advisors who’s credentials and details can all be found on KONIOS’s official website.

In Conclusion

KONIOS provides a simple and useful service that should be well-received by the worldwide crypto community. The fact that the exchange is especially suited for smartphones should put it a step ahead the rest of similar exchange platforms.

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