Monvid ICO – The New Generation of Decentralized Streaming Platform

About Monvid

The Monvid platform is one of the few decentralized networks that applies the Blockchain network to by-pass various filters, restrictions as well as censorships to enable them to provide an advert-free and easy to use video streaming network.


Token Symbol: MVD
Token Standard: ERC20
Currencies Accepted: Ethereum / USD
Soft Cap: $500.000
Hard Cao: $5.000.000
Pre Sale Start Date: 15th
Presale End Date: 30th April 2018
Main Sale Start Date: the 2nd Quarter of 2018

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter

Monvid tokenThe Special Features of the Monvid Platform

• The founders of this great platform were determined in providing its users an encounter of watching their best videos without any kind of restriction.

• Everything here is anchored on the Blockchain technology.

• The platform also entirely pursues the scalable video streaming platform that can be used to lower a number of costs and save time.

• Monvid ICO gives its users a unique approach to video streaming; something that has never happened in the entire industry.

• To offer unlimited, reliable as well as unrestricted video streaming, Monvid platform intends to apply two main distinct modes.

• Monvid has also harnessed the Blockchain technology’s decentralized network so as to offer better services than what is currently available in the industry.

About the Proxy Streaming

Geo-blocking is one major mode in which the use of the Internet is restricted in various places across the globe. This is a method in which Internet access is only limited to particular geographical regions.

Monvid allows its consumers to easily cut-pass such geographical restrictions without having to compromise on the lowered speed of the Internet, which happens when using a normal VPN. The platform is not only fast but also secure, and therefore offering a more lively viewing experience.


The Advantages Of Using The Monvid Platform

It is very affordable – The creators of various contents in this platform will be paid depending on their output. It, therefore, does away with the need of paying much money for the subscription.

Users Will Have Improved Privacy – As earlier indicated, Monvid has been entirely built on the Blockchain network and this ensures that every data of the user is usually secure. Apart from that, it also offers encrypted transfers of data.

There are no adverts – Monvid gives users an opportunity to enjoy not only uninterrupted but also smooth watching experience that is free from any kind of advert.

The Team

For any Initial Coin Offering campaign to succeed; there must be a committed team behind it. Monvid Initial Coin Offering happens to be one of such projects. It is made up of industry professionals such as Steven Morris, Samir Martin, and Allesandro Rossi among others.

monvid2Last Word

Monvid is definitely the first Blockchain network that has ever utilized the use of Blockchain technology in video streaming. This has demonstrated a great growth in the market, particularly in regards to the delivery of unrestricted and affordable content to the users. This is an entirely transformative project that would assist consumers to stream videos from any part of the world.

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