New Cast XMR Miner 0.9.1 With A Bit of Performance Improvement for VEGA

The Cast XMR CryptoNight GPU miner for AMD RX VEGA 56/64 GPUs has just been updated to version 0.9.1 with a slight performance improvement of 0.5% overall for Vega-based GPUs according to the developer of the software. The previous version 0.9.0 from eralier this month has already added support for the upcoming CryptoNightv7 fork for Monero (XMR) and other coins in the view of the new wave of ASIC miners targeting that crypto algorithm. Do note that Cast XMR is a closed source miner available as a binary only for 64-bit Windows and comes with a 1.5% developer fee. It is originally optimized for ADM RX VEGA GPUs using the Blockchain driver, though it should also work fine on other AMD RX series of GPUs.

Cast XMR should be able to autodetect and switch between CryptoNight and CryptoNightV7 on Monero (XMR) and most other coisn that decide to fork as well, though there is also an option available to switch manually to the desired version of the CryptoNiht algorithm in case there is an issue with the autodetection (use the --algo command line option). Currently it seems that the only GRAFT is having trouble working properly with the autodetection mechanism, so it is advised to manually select the version for the moment. GRAFT has not yet forked, so it is currently still using the old CryptoNight version and not the new V7 as are pretty much all other coins that have already announced their plans to also fork to v7. Just as a reminder, Monero (XMR) will fork at block 1546000 or around April 4th and that is less than two weeks away.

To download and try the latest version 0.9.1 of the Cast XMR miner for CryptoNight coins with support for V7…

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