New Faster X16R AMD Miner Forked from Avermore Miner

Things are moving for the X16R algorithm used by Ravencoin (RVN) as well in terms of more and better miners for AMD GPUs as well as there are already quite a few options available for NVidia miners. There is now a new faster sgminer fork from KL0nLutiy (source) that is based on the recently released Avermore miner that promises 4-6% or even a bit more performance. The optimizations seems to be result from adding some optimized kernels from Wolf and they do seem to boost performance well, so if mining X16R on AMD definitely worth trying this miner. There is already an official Windows binary available with 1% developer fee with Linux binary expected to be made available soon, though you can compile from source as well.

If you want to download and try the new faster X11R AMD GPU miner…

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