New T-Rex 0.7.0 Nvidia Miner With CUDA 10 and Volta and Turing GPU Support

New update to version 0.7.0 for the T-Rex Nvidia GPU miner that brings support for CUDA 10 and the latest Nvidia GPU architectures along with a slight performance improvements. The new T-Rex 0.7.0 comes wit a CUDA 10 binary and support for Nvidia Volta (Titan V) and Turing (20xx) video cards, though there are no specific optimizations for these yet. It should also get you an extra 1% hashrate increase in X16 family of algorithms on some configurations over the previously released version T-Rex 0.6.10. The new version also includes some bug fixes including stability improvement for X16R and X16S as well as Bitcore along with some other improvements and cosmetic changes. Do note that the T-Rex is a closed source miner with 1% development fee built-in. Also make sure you have a recent video driver installed as the binaries for both Linux and Windows are compiled for CUDA 9.1/9.2/10.0.

For more information and to download and try the latest version of the T-Rex miner…

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