Organicco ICO – Investing In The Future Of Our Beautiful Planet For Out Children

Organicco is a Blockchain-based project that intends to come up with three major scale projects. It will produce Animal Feed and Organic Fertilizer, which will then be sold to the farmers.

Apart from that, this project will also build a pilot unit that would be used to convert farm wastes into methanol and electricity, which can then be used as fuel. In the end, the user of this platform will heavily reap from the success of the venture.


Token: ORC
Token Model: ERC223
Accepted Currencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, and GBP
ICO Start Date: 6th June 2018
Token Price: 1 ORC = 0.50 GBP
Total Tokens Available: 60,000,000 ORC

Website | Whitepaper

The Features: What Makes Organicco so Special

• Organicco platform seeks to create profit and evolve the system of easiPayer into an alternative that is viable to conventional means of financial operations. This will in the end place Organicco as nothing but a forerun.

• Once the identity of the Organicco consumer has been identified, that particular user will be able to take part once the main project (the ICO) starts.

• The users of this great platform will be able to transfer the main currency, Ether through their wallets.

• The platform also seeks to make profits that they would use to generate returns for all the investors and also allow the business to capitalize in coming up with technologies that have been mainly created to bring cost-effectiveness, sustainability, as well as minimalism.

There are a number of agricultural problems that will be totally eradicated with this platform. One of them is chemical abuse, soil and organisms destruction during agricultural processes. Organicco also looks forward to ending the growing soil erosion menace, which has greatly contributed to the loss of soil fertility. It will also bring an end to dumping that is done on both land and water environments.

In general, Organicco will solve most of the problems in as much as they relate to poor agricultural operations.

Organicco plans to create three main subprojects; the EcoDRYER, EcoHERO, and the EcoREDUCER. While the later is focused on the production of renewable energy, the first and the second are mainly focused on the production of organic fertilizer and the production of animal feed in that order.

It will also come up with the easiPAYER platform that will be used to carry out internal payments for various users looking for cheap agricultural services at reduced costs.

About the Token

Abbreviated as ORC, this token will mainly act as the main form of share for the persons who would be seeking profit from the platform’s growing interest.

It will also provide both equipment logistic and financial support to businesses in search of partners and an entry to the list of services provided by the firm.


The team behind this project is committed to ensuring the project succeeds. Headed by Jon Ure and Vipul Patel, this is the kind of team that will have the project moving towards its set goals.

Organicco AirdropSummary

The main aim of this platform is to establish itself as the best company that would come up with means of converting organic waste into other products that can be useful. It provides a sustainable solution, and that’s why all are invited to take part in this amazing project.

Check the platform’s whitepaper and join the conversation on Twitter.

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