Paris To Host An Art Exhibition Marking 10 Years Since Creation Of Bitcoin

Various artists from different parts of the world will meet in Paris, France in an exhibition to celebrate the 10th birthday of Bitcoin, the first Cryptocurrency. The visitors will be allowed to use several digital currencies to buy the art. The event will not only demonstrate possible uses of the virtual currencies but also allow different international Crypto-friendly artists to connect. The event will help in exposing the revolutionary technology to more audience.

Artists To Meet For Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday

It’s now ten years since the creation of Bitcoin and artists around the world have prepared an exhibition to be held in Paris, France to celebrate this milestone. The artists will display their work that revolves around Bitcoin and the other virtual currencies. Some of the artists that will be present are Ilies Issiakhem, Youl, Choq, Coin Artist, Andy Bauch, and Pascal Boyart who is also the event organizer.

The event will be of major benefits to both the attendees and the artists. The attendees will get a chance to about the potential of the virtual currencies through practice and symbolism. Furthermore, art will show the genesis of the Cryptocurrencies. They will also get a chance to expose their talent and sell their work.

The public will get a chance to join the artists in this event that will last for a week. The exhibition’s website says that the event will be held between September 28 and October 5, 2018. This will give the visitors ample time to explore various ways art can be used to demonstrate Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Payment To Be Accepted

During the week-long event, visitors will be allowed to buy the artworks using LTC, XMR, ETH, or BTC. Pascal Boyart, a French artist, is the man behind this event. According to Boyart, the exhibitions will help in demonstrating possible uses of the digital assets. Moreover, different Crypto-friendly artists from around will get a chance to meet and connect.

Coinhouse will sponsor this exhibition. The company’s marketing manager Brian O’Hagen noted that the country could be used as the capital of artistic faction that connects art and the digital artists. O’Hagen added that art helps artists to engage their audience in a unique way. He concluded that the virtual currencies are not only a monetary but also a cultural revolution.

The Exhibition A Major Boost To Cryptocurrencies

Although the virtual currencies have been around for almost a decade, it’s no secret that there are people with little knowledge about the technology. Some people believe that Cryptocurrencies have been created for tech savvies. The misunderstanding can be blamed for lack of an adequate avenue to communicate the digital assets to the masses.

The emergence of Crypto art is expected to play a vital role in allowing more people around the world to know about the virtual currencies. The use of art will help in reaching an audience that was previously locked out from accessing this information. More people will now have a better understanding of Cryptocurrencies and will help in enhancing their adoption.

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