Qompass: Blockchain for Financial Markets Applications and Services

The First Platform to Offer 100:1 Leverage

Qompas is truly passionate about all things crypto and the Qompas platform aims to be a crypto exchange like no other, that will offer a wide variety of crypto trading-related services. The biggest stand out feature of Qompas is that they have made use of artificial intelligence and neural systems to allow their users a leverage that is boosted by 100 times. This allows for some major earning potential.

With trading happening in high volumes (as is expected from the platform), sufficient liquidity is necessary. Well, Qompas has 25 highly-respected financial institutions onboard to assist with liquidity, making their leverage completely feasible.

Qompas also offers financial forecasting done by artificial neural networks. These predictions will assist users in deciding how and when to make their next trade and offer valuable longterm financial mapping.

Qompas offers a peer-to-peer exchange that has incredibly fast speeds: making over 30,000 transactions per second. With their speed, ANN technology, and low fees, Qompas hopes to fix some of the issues that currently affect similar exchanges and the Blockchain. Their end goal is to link all current crypto exchanges onto their platform to create a global exchange that offers the best possible trades, at the best prices and at the best speeds.

Another interesting concept that Qompas offers is Cryptocurrency credit cards. The nifty piece of hardware is can be loaded with users’ crypto funds which can be used at establishments without having to use an app or log into an account.

The Token

Symbol: QPS/ QPSE
Total Supply: 33,000,000
ICO Start Date: 5 April 2018
ICO Price: $ 0.08
Decimal places: 18
Hard cap: 10,000,000
Soft Cap: 5,000,000
Accepted Currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Fiat

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper

Qompass Roadmap

Qompas List Of Features

• Anonymous and secure system
• Smart neural monitoring system to assist traders in making decisions
• Leverage trading that offers an impressive leverage of 100:01
• Qompas offers leverage returns on traders’ investments
• Financing that is backed by secure blockchain technology
• Peer to peer exchange
• Use of state-of-the-art neural networks and artificial intelligence
• Use of advanced algorithms for the best trading advice

Compass Team

The Team

The team at Qompas is a truly impressive one. The CEO is a man by the name of Emmanuel Lim that has over 30 years of experience in cryptography and data encryption. He has worked for some of the biggest banks in the world. The CFO of Qombas is Selena Neskovic, who is a banking and investment specialist.

In Conclusion

Qompas has gained significant traction for their ICO on platforms like Twitter and Telegram, which is a good sign for how things will turn out for the new ICO. They definitely have captivating promises behind them and a service that would be useful to many crypto investors around the world. There are many crypto trading platforms out there so they Qompas will have their work cut out for them when it comes to standing out, but luckily their use of AI and impressive trading leverage should set them apart.

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