Selfllery: The Social Platform For Visual Content Monetization

The Social Platform for Visual Content Monetization

Selflerry, as the name suggests, aims to be a widely used social platform – but with a twist. By using Blockchain and smart contract technology, Selfllery aims to be a platform where users can monetize their visual content!

But how will users get paid for their content, and who would want to pay them? Because of the increasing quality of smartphone cameras – the quality of the photos and videos that the average person uploads to social media could very well be useful to companies, news agencies, etc. If your content gets spotted by a potential buyer on the Selfllery platform, Selflerry has all the correct systems in place to ensure that you get paid for your content accordingly.

There will also be other ways that users can make money from their content, which include:

• Rewards in YOU coins for ‘likes’ and clicks on their content
• Selling stock photos to interested buyers, with the platform assisting in linking buyers and sellers
• Rewards in YOU coins for assisting in adverts
• Prizes are awarded for the winners of photo competitions within the site
• Additional rewards for getting high ratings in social activities within the platform

The YOU token will be the currency of the platform, and this is what users will be rewarded in. They have many choices when it comes to spending their Tokens as they could withdraw their funds into an Ethereum-based wallet to spend elsewhere or they can use the YOU tokens within the site by donating to various charities.

Doing Good in a World that Needs it

Like many other ICOs, Selfllerry has good intentions when it comes to their profits. Each month, 10% will go to their affiliated charities. As well as being awarded in YOU tokens of their own, certain activities will award users with YOU tokens to their charity of choice. There are a few different types of charities, some of which include:
• Children’s charities
• Charities that assist those affected by natural disasters
• Educational Charities
• Medical Research
• Animal Charities

All the donations are given to these charities in YOU tokens, but they can draw out their funds in any currency. The Blockchain ensures transparency so you can rest assured that the funds are going directly into the right hands.

Some Of The Problems That Selfllery Hopes To Solve

If we look at platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we see trillions of photos being uploaded and the companies making insane amounts of money but the users, that are so passionate about uploading their content, are getting no reward whatsoever.

Selflllerry has identified a need for users to get rewarded for the time and effort they put into using their preferred social platform and that is where Selfllerry really comes in. On top of rewarding their users, they also are passionate about giving back to the community.

With social media platforms being full of greed and top dogs, it’s great to see a company that hopes to somewhat even the playing field and let everyone get a piece of the pie.

The Rating System

On the Selflery system, it is important for all users 9that are looking to make money from the platform) to have a high rating. A high rating will help you gain more likes on your content, and you may interest potential buyers and collaborators.

To increase your rating, you’ll need to get as many likes as possible on your content. Likes are very important as they are basically the accounting currency of Selflerry. Having comments on your content is also a step in the right direction.

If you happen to get chosen by the editor as the ‘Editor’s Choice’ for one of your photos or videos, you can expect your rating to soar.

Selfllery FeaturesThe Token

Symbol: YOU
Type: ERC20
Currency to be bought in: ETH
Price: 1 YOU- 0.01 ETH
Soft Cap: 10,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 55,000 ETH
Minimum purchase amount: 0.01 ETH

Website | Whitepaper

Selfllery List Of Features

• Safe and secure platform that is backed by Blockchain and Smart Contracts
• Investments and interest shown by reputable members of the industry
• Solid plans in place as shown in their Whitepaper
• Social media type platform with profit opportunity

Benefits of using Selfllery

Using Selfllery is much like using other popular social media platforms except it comes with a range of benefits that mainstream social media just doesn’t offer you. These benefits include;

• Opportunities for your content to be bought
• Rewards for winning photo-quests and photo competitions
• Rewards for being an active member of the Selfllery community
• Rewards on offer for ‘likes’ and comments on your content
• Opportunity to give back to the community and charities
• Charities are automatically given 10% of Selfllery profits
• Opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded individuals
• Opportunity to become a social media influencer
• Rewards are all in YOU tokens

The Team

Selfllery’s team is talented and diverse. Vadim Onishchenko is Selfllery’s CEO and is also the founder! He is a passionate photographer who has a keen interest in content sharing, hence his idea and development of Selfllery.

Rami Khodorovsky is the project manager and will be overseeing the majority of the operations.He is an IT specialist with experience in search marketing too. With 12 years experience in marketing, it would be hard to find a better person to lead this team.

These two are backed by a passionate team of hardworking people that have put everything on the line for the success of Selfllery.

SelflleryIn Conclusion

Selfllery is a platform that truly has some fantastic opportunities for both businesses and individuals. It truly harnesses the power of social media and content sharing for the good of both users and the community.It’s commendable how they have included so many charities into their business model and if Selfllery becomes even a fraction as successful as some of the big social media platforms, they will, in turn, help out many people.

Selfllery appears to have a good solid base to grow from, with much international interest so we cannot wait to see what will come of this platform.

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