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The world of today is fast-paced: Innovations and inventions are the order of the day as various players compete with their peers for market share. In healthcare, the spread of non-communicable and communicable diseases has sent biomedical researchers back to the drawing board. For effective treatment and control of these diseases, the most efficient approach is to apply. The technology of genomics and Blockchains to create an Omics ecosystem, is the efficient approach being developed. This ecosystem will support precise research that will herald the coordination of appropriate preventive and curative measures against these diseases.

The Token

Token: OmiX
Price of token: TBA
Total Tokens: 3Billion (990million-ICO, 90 million-Community,
420million- Founders, 300million Advisors,
600million-Incentivised Growth Pool,
600million-Company Reserve)
Platform: TBA
Type of Token: TBA
Accepting: TBA
Min or Max Personal Cap: TBA
Token Sale Starts: April 28th, 2018

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How will Shivom Achieve this?

Shivom will provide an Omics Ecosystem blockchain platform on which People from different locations in the world will present their Genomes to the Blockchain through Saliva donation. The data will be secured in Blockchains’ Smart contract feature. At one-point biomedical researchers on clinical trials or drug development assays may request the Genomes donor for permission to access their data on a free or paid basis. Afterward, the Genomes is tested, and the donor will get to know about their ancestry and gain insights about their general health status. Meanwhile, the biomedical researcher will be able to develop precision medicine based on the data analytics.

Shivom-Core-TeamShivom Management Team

The Shivom Team consists of three groups; Five Founding Partners, Seven Innovation Council Members, and Thirty Partners. This team has vast competence in genomics, blockchain management, and Digital Health management.

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