Swiss Alps Mining ICO – The Smart Mining Company

The global Blockchain technology market has been enjoying exponential growth and popularity over the past few months, but that hasn’t come with its own challenges. One of the major challenges faced in this industry is the expensive procedure of mining the digital assets, due to the amount of energy that is usually required.

How Swiss Alp Mining Works

Swiss Alp Mining steps in to restore sanity and equity in this market. It seeks to provide mining facilities that can be used by all the industry stakeholders. Some of the buildings that were thought to be of no value are today being used to carry out this high energy-intensive yet profitable business venture



Token Symbol: SAM
Token’s Platform: Ethereum
The Standard of the Token: ERC20
ICO Start Date: 22nd May 2018
ICO End Date: 27th July 2018
Number of Tokens In Store: 157,440,475 SAM
Number of Tokens for Sale: 79,761,904 SAM

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Here are some of the features that make Swiss Alp Mining the best mining platform in the entire Blockchain market.

Swiss-Alps-Features• Swiss Alps Energy AG steps in to offer cube system that is not only proprietary but also modular. This gives the traders an opportunity to install the mining features in the selected huts without having to upgrade them or make them look better.

• The other thing that makes this project a great one is the amazing temperature that is offered by the Swiss mountains. The average temperature of these mountains do not go anywhere beyond 15 Celsius. This implies that the cubes will still be of great use even without installing any kind of air conditioning.

• For crypto mining to go on smoothly, ventilation is one of the factors that should be put into consideration. And since that is done here, all the natural conditions are utilized to their fullest. This explains why Swiss Alp Mining has reduced the energy consumption to an incredible low of about 30%.

• The other special feature present here is the force behind these proprietary and modular cube systems. They are all controlled by waterpower, which is another great form of renewable energy.

• Swiss Alp Mining is also known for its diffuse and unique geographical stretch. This is one of the factors that enable the company to offer other services such as hosting services for businesses operating on the decentralized Blockchain system.

Swiss-Alps• One thing that makes the mining equipment produced by Swiss Alp Mining is the fact that they do not need serious maintenance. This is because they are all managed through one central platform.

• This platform operates by ensuring that the entire mining process is optimized, and this is made possible by the top quality automation methods that the platform takes pride in.

Customers trading on the Swiss Alp Mining platform will be assured of an energy-efficient and cost-effective process of mining the cryptos.

The Team

For any Initial Coin Offering project to see the light of the day, the team steering its operation must be the right one and very committed to its course. That is the case when it comes Swiss Alp Mining ICO. It is headed by some of the crème de la crème in this market. Check the whitepaper and official website for more.



Swiss Alp Mining is the first Blockchain technology platform that has scrapped off the usually expensive costs of mining that have been witnessed in this market. Here, crypto mining costs are lowered by nearly 50%, which is very commendable.

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