ThinkCoin: TradeConnect’s Premier Token

What Is ThinkCoin And What Makes It Special?

ThinkCoin is TradeConnect’s very own Cryptocurrency. And what is TradeConnect? TradeConnect is a safe and secure trading platform where all sorts of currencies can be bought and sold. What makes TradeConnect different from similar platforms is that they have incorporated the trusted Blockchain into their platform and this assists in speeding up processing times to just a few seconds and not days like many other trading sites.

TradeConnect and ThinkCoin aim to solve a variety of problems that the industry currently faces such as:
• An oversupply of middlemen to ‘facilitate’ transactions
• Not enough fluidity and flexibility
• Lengthy transaction ties
• The lack of transparency

The main way in which TradeConnect solves these issues is by allowing users to trade DIRECTLY with one another. This major development will even the stakes and give all traders far more benefits than with trading through intermediaries.

A major reason to trust this ICO is that its developers have been around for a good while and has already been creating quite the hype online. TradeConnect was originally started way back in 2010 under the previous name of ThinkForex. They have built up a solid customer base that they hope to pass onto ThinkCoin and TradeConnect. The company already has established offices in Bulgaria, Australia, and London.

ThinkCoin Token


Symbol: TCO
Total Supply: 500,000,000
Total Allocation: 300,000,000
Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and Fiat

Website | Whitepaper | ANN


• Platform that provides the trading of multiple currencies and commodities
• Very short processing times- transactions processed in a matter of seconds
• Individuals have the opportunity to choose their desired platform or broker when making trades
• Transactions recorded on the blockchain- Blockchain technology and smart contracts secure all transactions
• A connect fee is charged, which is split between users- thus growing the TCO economy
• Generally low costs
• The use of state-of-the-art AI technology
• Assistance in helping you find the optimal trading partners


Benefits Of Buying ThinkCoin Tokens

The ThinkCoin tokens create an even playing field for all those involved. It gives the user so many opportunities for trade and investment and being a part of the initial buying has even more benefits such as the spread of the commission of the Connect Fee.


The Team at ThinkCoin is made up of a truly impressive group of people, all bringing with them unique talents and abilities. The CEO, co-founder and man in charge is Nauman Anees. He has over a decade of experience in the world of finance and technology. The other co-founder is Faizan Anees who also acts as the director and has many similar accreditations to the CEO.



Just a glance at the White Paper will let you know that the people at Thinkcoin mean business. What is so great about ThinkCoin is its simplicity. It has applications that can be used by a vast array of people and it brings ease to trading online. With its talented team and already-in-place reputation, it seems as if the sky is the limit for ThinkCoin and TradeConnect.

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