TradeRiser ICO – Get Instant Answers To Trading Questions Without The Leg Work

TradeRiser is a cutting-edge Fintech Blockchain. The company aims to leverage the ecosystem of Blockchain platform and artificial technology to provide trading solutions in financial markets.

The startup basically proffers instant answers to investors in financial markets. The ecosystem enables people to carry out informed market research before trading in the digital token markets or the conventional financial markets. It will be the one-stop shop before investment decision-making.


Token: XTI
Total Supply of Tokens: 500,000,000 XTI
XTI Token type: ERC20
Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH
Pre ICO-Price: 1 XTI = $0.07
ICO Price: 1 XTI = $0.10
Target on Crowdsale: $23,000,000
Token Sale Start: 2018 Q3
Whitelist: Yes

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The Problem

There are various market inefficiencies that deny investors an opportunity to reap the benefits of their investments. These problems are mostly due to lack of expert information. In the case of the availability of the information, the financial advisors may be lacking the relevant data from which to make deductions from. TradeRiser is dedicated to stepping in and providing informed information from the best of experts who have the latest and correct data.

The TradeRiser Solution

To address the problem of lack of correct information, TradeRiser will focus on offering a number of solutions to set investors on the path of high-payout investments.

These solutions are:

Simplifying financial data analytics – Financial data in the conventional and Cryptocurrency exchanges is usually presented in complex charts and algorithms that only the trained experts can expound. TradeRiser is offering the solution of helping investors to decode relevant information to avoid investing in wasteful and bad ventures.

Simplifying market data research – In the event that an investor has the relevant expertise to analyze the data, the data itself could be difficult to get. This is because most market study findings have attached value and often not meant for the public consumption. The TradeRiser ecosystem will contain the latest study outcomes that showcase the real exchange scenario.

Timesaving – The current circumstances surrounding investments are time consuming and hectic. This is because there are too many steps to follow before finalizing the transactions. TradeRiser will step in and provide a one-stop-solution to all investors.

Rewarding researchers and data contributions – Investors will be rewarded through tokens for their actions online. Additionally, researchers will get value for their studies on the platform.

Creating new reports – The process of creating reports has been often marred by lengthy procedures of data collection, cleaning, analysis, presentation, and explanation. TradeRiser will use a three-step process of report writing – Research Question, Answering Queries, Report compilation.

The Blockchain

TradeRiser will use the features of artificial intelligence and algorithms to provide answers to financial queries. This will be reliable and efficient for all investors.

The Blockchain Participants

• Data Providers
• Visual Assistants
• Research Assistant-Technological Stack
• XTI Holders
• TradeRiser Team
• Quantity and Analytics Firms
• Brokers and Exchanges
• Hedge Funds, Wealth Management, Robo Advisory Apps2


TradeRiser will be at the forefront of enabling investors to make informed decisions on Cryptocurrencies and traditional exchanges. Additionally, the data providers will be getting value for their market research work.

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