Updated X16r/X16s/C11/X17 Spmod-git #11 With Faster X17 Support

A new update from sp on his open source and free fork of supminer (ccminer) now called X16r/X16s/C11/X17 Spmod-git #11 (source) with added support for the X17 algorithm. According to the developer the X17 hashrate is +10-15% faster than the ccminer alexis 1.0 opensource fork, so you might want to gie it a go for X17 altcoin mining. X16r and X16s performance has also been improved in the new version with 3-5% over what the previous release offered thanks to additional optimizations added to Fugue and Whirlpool that are a part of the X16r/s algorithms. We remind you that this miner is open source and comes with no developer fee built-in, meaning that all the performance you get is available to you and then there is also the source code available as well to learn from, modify and use to compile yourself.

To download and try the latest even faster Raven x16r/x16s Spmod-git #11 miner…

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