VANIG ICO – The Future Of Shopping Is Here

Vanig is an e-commerce Blockchain designed to eliminate the shortcomings that are prevalent in the conventional online trading platforms. It aims to improve efficiency in transactions by providing efficiency in online B2C and B2B interactions, to streamline online shopping activities.


Token Symbol: VANIG
Platform: ERC20
Pre-Sale End Date: 22 July 2018
Token Sale Start Date: 23 July 2018
Token Sale End Date: 25 September 2018
Total Amount of Tokens: 225,000,000
Total Amount to be Sold: 141,000,000
Total Private Sale: $2,000,000
Token Main Sale: $6,000,000
Token Main sale Hard Cap: $12,000,000
Soft Cap: $2,000,000
Hard Cap: $20,000,000

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The Issue

Complex supply chains increase the market prices for consumers, additionally; they erode the ability of producers and manufacturers to set the prices of their goods and their services. This scenario can also affect producers and manufacturers of goods and services; bureaucratic supply chains can cause increased costs of production and result in expensive goods and services that are not competitive in the market.

The Solution

Vanig Blockchain targets to use several approaches to eliminate inefficiencies in e-commerce to ensure that the transactions for goods and services and publicized and verifiable.

• Sawtooth permission
• Parallel transaction execution
• Proof of elapsed time

VANIGThese features enable all the players within the Vanig network such as customers, manufacturers, retailers, and producers to access information about the market products in a transparent manner, this automatically translates to unbeatable prices as every party will try to engage in fair deals. Additionally, the fact that all business players are included in a single network means that the Blockchain is a system of integrated relationship between the supply chain and e-commerce.


e-commerceSince time immemorial, serious issues of overpricing due to lack of transparency have marred the supply chain. This has had serious consequences on consumers as they have had to pay more for goods and services. The Vanig Blockchain aims to create the first integrated e-commerce network and the supply chain to ensure that all consumers, producers, manufacturers, and retailers interact with each other directly and in a transparency for fair trade.

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