Watch Out For Akoin

The Akoin Cryptocurrency

As has been written on several occasions before, not many are surprised by the Cryptocurrency industry anymore. So much has happened over such a little timeframe that the unexpected is pretty much expected nowadays. The more surprising thing is if something unbelievable doesn’t happen in a day or a week.

So queue up the next one – R & B singer Akon is developing his own Cryptocurrency named Akoin. The American – who also can write and produce – is working on something extremely innovative for Senegal where his roots are from. Akoin will soon become the main currency to be used in a brand new city being developed in Senegal. Akoin is only just a small part of the overall “Akon Crypto City” project. The project was gifted approximately 2,000 acres by the Senegalese President and Akon is wasting no time in developing this land into Akon Crypto City. The aim is for Akoin to be the currency of this new crypto-based and digital city.

The Akon Ecosystem

On top of this, Akoin is a fundamental element of the Akon’s Akoin Ecosystem which was developed to support young people throughout Africa.The ecosystem includes a series of apps which are all powered by blockchain and can support thousands of youngsters. Akon hopes that the project will entice and support African youth to “buy, hold and spend cryptocurrency right from their smartphone” as the official Akoin website cites. The opportunities created for the youngsters opting in could lead to who knows what but actually having the chance to do something important and positive with their lives is such an empowering thing for the young adults. The ecosystem is there to help those using the apps gain stability financially and offer new ways for them to secure funds to support their day to day costs. This is certainly not a short term solution and has been set up to provide a continuous support and long term growth for the African community. The real benefits of this project will be seen for years to come and will provide a great source of investment for those brands wishing to be involved in this unique project.

Other Akon Projects

This creative and life changing project has redefined Akon and secured him a lot of extremely positive PR. However, this is not the first time that this particular celebrity has been involved with supporting Africa. Four years ago, he began his own firm – Akon Lighting Africa – to provide electricity to a lot more communities on the continent. Latest statistics show that since this particular project began in 2014, there have been 100,000 solar powered street lamps installed. These have been put into 480 rural villages across Africa and reached 18 countries. An outstanding achievement so far.

Good luck to Akon on this fabulous new Akon Crypto City concept. It is great to see another positive Cryptocurrency story in the media and to see that the rich and famous are doing their bit with the new digital economy to improve the lives of so many others. We will all be watching to see how this rolls out hoping for undoubted success.

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