Win Double Prizes Playing Cashgames at

It’s no secret that bitcoin cash (BCH) has been on a tear over the last few weeks, as the asset has more than doubled in price. This year’s best performing coin from the top 10 cryptocurrencies by capitalization has consistently posted impressive weekly gains. As a result, the value of the jackpots at Cashgames, which are denominated in BCH, have more than doubled in USD terms, giving you twice as many reasons to play.

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4,000 BCH Is a Whole Lotta Cash

The amount you would win from playing Cashgames at varies from game to game, where many of the jackpots are set to increase over time. If you were fortunate to record a recent win playing one of your favorite Cashgames, however, the sustained price appreciation of bitcoin cash will have provided a nice boost. The jackpot for video poker stands at a cool 4,000 BCH, though you’ll need to land a royal flush to claim it. Even if you don’t get that lucky, jacks or better are all it takes to begin winning, paying out 5 BCH, and the prizes only grow from there.

Win Double Prizes Playing Cashgames at
Bitcoin cash has more than doubled in value in a month

For many cryptocurrency proponents, playing BCH-powered games like roulette, slots, and craps isn’t just about wagering and winning: it’s about exercising your financial freedom, and the ability to use your crypto assets as you see fit, without seeking the permission of any third party. Because all of the games at Cashgames are provably fair, players can participate in the knowledge that the outcome of each hand, dice roll, or spin of the wheel can be verified. And with an average return of 99%, Cashgames heavily favors the player – not the house.

Win Double Prizes Playing Cashgames at

Play With BCH or BTC

While bitcoin cash is the default cryptocurrency on Cashgames, holders of bitcoin core can also get involved. Sideshift integration allows for BTC to BCH conversion. Alternatively, click the dropdown tab at the top of the page to switch from Bitcoin Cash Games to Bitcoin Games, where you can use BTC in the same manner.

There’s a lot of buzz about bitcoin cash right now, with increasing merchant adoption and new futures products all helping to raise interest in the BCH ecosystem. That heightened appreciation for all things BCH has been reflected at Cashgames, where the number of daily players has grown in line with the price of bitcoin cash. Give it a play today and immerse yourself in a world of BCH-based casino games.

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